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Laser Hair Removal using the Cynosure Elite MPX

The Elite MPX offers the most comprehensive range of hair removal applications available today which include the treatment of facial and leg veins; the treatment of pigmented lesions such as age spots & freckles; and photo-aged skin. The Elite MPX has two lasers: the Alexandrite 755 nanometer and the Nd:YAG 1064 nanometer. It also has a device which cools the skin to help avoid any possible complications.

With the Elite we are able to treat darker skin types successfully, in addition to challenging conditions such as pseudofolliculitis barbe. We can for example perform laser treatment for South Asian women who have very fine hair on the side of their face and even sometimes growth stimulation on the neck.

Multiplex technology lets us bring both wavelengths into one pulse. We can use the Alex by itself, the Nd:YAG by itself or combine them with the Multiplex. We can treat vessels and vascular lesions with Nd:YAG and benign pigmented lesions with the Alexandrite laser on lighter skin types. With the YAG wavelength we can treat rosacea and skin rejuvenation.

The Multiplex blend allows two wave lengths to achieve the goal of follicle destruction. With the Elite MPX it is possible to deliver a  higher dose YAG adding some Alex to it or vice versa, and the practitioner can set the laser in the wavelength in which he wants to lead the attack. If it is a darker skin type, it is appropriate to lead with the YAG. If it’s a lighter skin type then the Alexandrite should lead. The 1064 laser penetrates deeper than the Alex laser so the YAG is typically a bit more uncomfortable. It is possible to bring the YAG laser level down and add some Alex so that a more comfortable experience can be achieved for the patients.

If the Alex is firing first and the YAG second, there’s a ten millisecond pause in between the pulses, giving time to let the skin cool down. This thermal relaxation time helps to protect the skin but still enables the laser to destroy the hair follicle or at least injure it.

For more information on laser hair removal in north London using the Cynosure Elite laser, please contact us.