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Affordable laser hair removal in London

Discover a more hassle-free, cost-effective way to achieve permanent hair removal for life without waxing, shaving or hair removal cream! Cosmetic hair removal i.e. waxing, creams or shaving can initially appear cheaper than laser hair removal. However, there are drawbacks to using these methods as a regular means to eliminate hair which include hassle, time and money. Laser hair removal requires an initial investment but the results are extremely impressive and great value in the long term.

Laser hair removal cost

Are you looking for affordable laser hair removal in London? Here is an indication of how cheap laser hair removal can actually be in the long term. For example, if your bikini wax costs £18 every six weeks, that will cost you £156 per year. Multiply this over five years and you’ve spent £780 on bikini waxing alone. If underarm waxing costs £10 per session every six weeks, that’s £87 per year and £433 over five years. That’s takes us to a grand total of £1,213 over five years!

With our deal on underarm and bikini laser hair removal, this works out as £55 per session and most people only need six sessions with the occasional top up. That’s £330 for permanent hair removal for LIFE, a saving of £883 compared to the five year cost or over £2,000 compared to ten years.

Permanent solutions for hair removal are available. Simply contact us today to take advantage of huge discounts on laser hair removal, including men’s laser hair removal. Call 020 7607 5111. Your skin consultation is FREE and you can pay in instalments.

How does it work?

Laser hair removal technology terminates the hair at the root so that it will not grow back again. At The Angel Laser Clinic in Highbury and Islington, before our laser hair removal experts qualify you for treatment they will show you which treatment options are most suitable for you.

We start with a free examination of your skin and perform a patch test to ensure that your skin responds well to our Elite laser.

Laser hair removal is an efficient method that can result in long-term or even permanent hair reduction. However, we cannot permanently remove all the hair in one session. Effective laser hair removal typically requires a number of sessions, but this is not the only factor. Your skin type will also be an important factor as well as the density and location of hair and hair colour.

Here at The Angel Laser Clinic we offer the best technology available to the cosmetic medical practice. We promise to match the price of any other offers you can find of clinics offering the same laser technology. Compare our prices and get your price match today!

Contact us today for your free consultation for affordable laser hair removal in N1 – the location of our Highbury and Islington clinic.