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Removing Unwanted Bikini Hair with the Cynosure Elite Laser

Unwanted bikini hair is a cosmetic concern for many women. Numerous treatment options for removing this unwanted hair have been used including shaving, tweezing and waxing. Unfortunately these methods are temporary, with the hair returning in a matter of hours or days. Electrolysis has been promoted as a permanent method of hair removal. However, it is not commonly performed in the bikini area as it is a tedious and time consuming procedure.

Laser hair removal is therefore becoming the treatment of choice for unwanted bikini hair. Recently the market has exploded, with numerous lasers and light sources now available for the affordable treatment of this unwanted hair.

Clinical tests by Jenifer Lloyd of the Northeaster Ohio University College of Medicine and Mirko Mirkov PhD, focused on the effectiveness of the Alexandrite laser in the permanent bikini hair removal. In these tests, patients received five treatments spaced out at three week intervals. The results showed that the average participant had a 78% reduction in hair count after one year with no cases of scarring or pigmentary changes. The patients tolerated the treatment well and no one had to alter their skin care treatments as a result of the treatment.

The melanin in the hair follicle absorbs the long pulsed duration of the Alexandrite laser particularly well. This optimises the destruction of the hair follicle in a highly targeted way, minimising any risks of damage to the surrounding areas.

At our laser hair removal clinic in Islington, London, we use the Cynosure Elite laser to remove unwanted hair.

The Elite its market-leading technology enables our practitioners to select between the Alexandrite laser, which is used on lighter skin types, and the Nd:Yag laser, which is used to remove hair on olive, Asian and black skins.

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