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Laser hair removal for men in London

One of the many defining physical differences between men and women has always been the relative amount of hair growth on the face and body. Cave men walked around with long beards to keep their faces warm and animal skins to insulate their bodies. Hair growth has, throughout history, been regarded as a desirable masculine trait – a product of a high level of the hormone testosterone. Body hair is related to the level of androgens (male hormones) in the individual. Due to a normally higher level of androgens, men tend to have more androgenic hair than women.

Today however, social attitudes have evolved. Making an effort to look good is no longer the sole preserve of women. Men are taking much more care with their physical appearance than they did 10 years ago, let alone 10,000! Studies show that male expenditure on personal grooming (facial creams, deodorants, aftershaves, hair gels etc. increases year after year). Social attitudes to hair have also changed. Most models now sport hairless chests and you can’t find forests of hair on male backs turning up in magazines!

Men are therefore looking in increasingly large numbers for a permanent solution to the problem of unwanted hair on their bodies. Waxing isn’t a solution given the regularity it would need to be carried out and the size of the areas involved. The time, pain and cost make this prohibitive.

Affordable laser hair removal for men, in contrast, is a very viable option. It works extremely well on all areas of the body, with most men needing about six to eight treatment sessions in order for the full effects to be felt.

Laser hair removal treatment in Islington must be as popular as anywhere in the UK. At The Angel Laser Clinic we use the Cynosure Elite Laser to treat clients. This medical grade laser has the Alexandrite Laser and the Nd:Yag Laser. At our Angel clinic we see lots of men with hair which they’d like to remove and for these clients a permanent solution is now at hand. The most common treatments are for men wanting:

  • Permanent removal of hair on the back and shoulders
  • Permanent removal of hair on the chest or abdomen
  • Permanent removal of hair on the face. A lot of men get bored with shaving every day. Some also find they have very sensitive skin after shaving or that shaving produces in-growing hairs (folliculitis) which causes unsightly spots and soreness.
  • Treatment for mono brows. This is another complaint amongst men and laser hair removal for mono brows has the ability to develop two distinct eyebrows in a matter of moments.

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