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Alexandrite laser hair removal

Alexandrite (755 nm wavelength) Laser Hair Removal

Alexandrite laser systems include: Cynosure Elite, GentleLASE,  Apogee and EpiTouch Plus.

The Alexandrite laser is one of the most widely used hair removal lasers, operating at a shorter wavelength of 755nm (near infrared wavelength).

The advantages of the Alexandrite laser are:

  • It penetrates the skin deeply enough to reach the hair follicles in their growth stage, disabling them so they don’t re-grow.
  • It is very effective for people who are of light-to-olive complexion (Fitzpatrick 1 to 3 skin types) provided they aren’t sun tanned.
  • It is one of the fastest lasers given the spot size it uses. This means it is well-suited to treating larger body areas.
  • It is effective on finer, thinner hairs that other lasers struggle to remove.
  • It is made more comfortable with the use of a dynamic cooling device.

The disadvantages of the Alexandrite laser are:

  • It should not be used for people with darks skins as it is likely to cause pigment changes (darkening or lightening) of the skin.

Clinical Studies

Many clinical studies have been conducted into the effectiveness of the Alexandrite laser for permanent hair removal. In one such study Finkel, Eliezri, Waldman and Slatkine evaluated pulsed Alexandrite laser technology for non-invasive hair removal. They used a 2 msec free running pulsed Alexandrite laser operated at a repetition rate of up to 5 pps at energy fluences of 25-40 J/cm2. They treated 126 patients over a range of body areas. Treatments were repeated when 1-2 mm growth was observed. The interval between treatments ranged from 4 weeks to 3 1/2 months and the study lasted 15 months in total.

The results of the study showed:

  • Average hair count before the second treatment had declined by 35%
  • Average hair count 3 months after the final treatment had declined by 88%

The conclusion of the clinical study was that “pulsed Alexandrite laser technology is effective for the removal of unwanted hairs….Adverse effects are minimal and transient.”

Buendia and Ciscar conducted another clinical study into the effectiveness of the Alexandrite laser for long term hair removal. They examined 668 patients and a total of 1,009 body areas, assessing the patients 8 ½ years later. In 89% of cases they found that hair was not growing back. 10% of people were experiencing some hair re-growth and 1% didn’t answer. Many body areas were trialled with the most impressive results in the bikini area (only 5% of patients reported some hair re-growth). Overall the study concluded that “Alexandrite lasers are effective to achieve a long lasting hair reduction or even permanent hair removal.”

 Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal

To maximise the prospects of permanent hair reduction using the Alexandrite laser, consult an experienced practitioner. They will determine the optimum settings for the laser based on your skin and hair type (amongst other considerations), balancing the safety of the skin with the need to use enough energy to ensure hair loss isn’t simply temporary.

The Alexandrite laser for Permanent Hair Removal – Effectiveness

The Alexandrite Laser provides efficient, permanent hair reduction with clinically confirmed results. The darker a person’s hair and the lighter the colour of their skin, the better the results they are likely to see.

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