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Laser Hair Removal Cost Versus Waxing or Shaving

Laser hair removal may seem expensive but when viewed over the long term it’s actually much cheaper than other ways of controlling unwanted hair.

 Affordable Laser Hair Removal

A woman waxing her bikini area will pay on average £17 each time. If she does this every six weeks that’s about £150 a year, or £4,500 over 30 years. In comparison, six sessions of extended bikini using the Cynosure Elite at The Angel Laser Clinic costs just £458. This treatment provides a permanent hair removal solution. It avoids 30 years of pain involved with waxing and all the time and hassle of arranging appointments, parking the car etc.

Even shaving is much more expensive than permanent laser hair removal. Assuming £1 per razor and that each razor lasts a week, that’s about £1,600 on shaving over 30 years. And on top of this you have all the problems of razor burn, ingrown hairs, having to shave almost every day and always getting stubble.

If one compares the cost for legs, on average a full leg wax costs £30. Seven times a year makes this £210. Start at the age of 18 and finish at 55 and that’s £7,800. At The Angel Laser Clinic you pay £974 for six sessions ….just one-eighth of the price of waxing and it’s almost painless.

In short, laser hair removal is an almost hassle free, painless solution for a lifetime of not worrying about hair growth in unwanted areas. Make a one off investment in affordable laser hair removal and it will give you a fantastic rate of return compared to almost any other investment you can mention!

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In addition, at The Angel Laser Clinic you are able to:

  1. Pay for a course of treatments in easy instalments.
  2. Purchase one body area and have another one of the same size of smaller half price.
  3. Reduce the cost still further by introducing a friend!

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