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Safe laser hair removal in London for all skin types

Unwanted hair is a common cosmetic complaint. Several methods can address it, from temporary ones like shaving and waxing, to permanent hair reduction methods like electrolysis and lasers. Cheap laser hair removal has become increasing popular as the prices of treatments have fallen. Laser hair removal’s growing popularity also reflects its ease and effectiveness. It is a non-invasive procedure enabling large body areas (e.g. back or legs) to be treated quickly. When used by a qualified practitioner, lasers are safe with a low incidence of side effects.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment in London

In laser hair removal, lasers are used with wavelengths which target melanin, the pigment in hair follicles. They deliver their light to the hair follicle in millisecond pulses. The combination of selective wavelength delivered with high peak power over an appropriate pulse duration, enables the energy to target the hair follicle selectively. In this way the laser minimises the risk of damaging the surrounding tissue. High powered laser systems now exist which can deliver energy to the patient in large spot sizes and at high pulse repetition rates. Air cooling systems are added to the laser to improve patient comfort.

Both the hair and the skin contain melanin and can absorb a laser’s energy. It’s therefore very important to select the laser based on the skin colour of the patient in order to maximise safety. A laser wavelength well suited for fair skinned individuals may be the wrong choice for someone with dark skin.

Two wavelengths have become the gold standard for effective laser hair removal: the Alexandrite and the Nd:YAG. At The Angel Laser Clinic in Highbury and Islington, we use the latest medical grade laser, the Cynosure Elite. The functionality of this medical grade laser incorporates the high power Alexandrite and Nd:YAG lasers into a single, compact system. The Elite provides convenient delivery of effective hair removal for a wide range of patients.

Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal

The Alexandrite laser has an emission wavelength of 755-nm and is used on light skin types. The 755-nm wavelength is well absorbed by melanin and has sufficient penetration to treat deep hair follicles effectively.

Treatment is conducted with air cooling to increase patient comfort. In skin types I-IV, the Alexandrite laser has been highly effective compared to other lasers and in absolute terms, registering on average an 80% reduction in hair counts after five treatments. Even one treatment results in significant long term hair reduction.

Nd:YAG Laser Hair Removal

The Nd:YAG laser has an emission wavelength of 1064-nm and is most suited to treating people with darker skin types (IV-VI). The Nd:YAG is less absorbed by melanin, thereby making it safer for people with more pigment in their skin. The ability to treat tanned skin means that more of the population can enjoy safe laser hair removal. This extends the service to the summer months and people living in warmer climates.

Once again, treatment is accompanied by air cooling. The Nd:YAG laser has proven effective with long term reduction of approximately 53-71% in hair counts after multiple treatment sessions.

In addition to general hair removal, the Nd:YAG laser is used to treat a condition called pseudofolliculitis barbae.

To find out more about cheap laser hair removal with effective results for all skin types, please contact The Angel Laser Clinic in Highbury and Islington.