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Laser Hair Removal – Patient Feedback on the Cynosure Elite laser in the US

Below is the transcription of video focussing on the responses of patients to use of the Cynosure Elite for Laser Hair Removal at Dr Kulkin’s American clinic.

Narrator: Hair removal ouch! Almost everyone has to do it. We pluck, we shave, we wax, and then we pluck, shave and wax some more. Traditional hair removal routines can be tedious, painful and expensive over time. Shaving may last a day, waxing a couple of weeks, but none of these methods are a permanent solution.

Njeri: I tried electrolysis, I tried gosh waxing and nothing worked and I was just at the point where I just couldn’t take it anymore.

Narrator: Cynosure Elite is getting to the root of the problem. It’s an effective revolutionarily new technology for a variety of aesthetic applications which includes the removal of unwanted hair, fast and painless using the [SmartCool] system for the ultimate patient comfort. This ground breaking technology allows for the selection of optimal wavelengths. Faster treatment sessions and treatment customisation designed specifically for each patient. According to experts at the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, laser hair removal is one of the top non-surgical procedures available today.

Kulkin: Laser hair removal is not only popular, it is the most rapidly growing procedure in the United States today for cosmetics. So it’s getting more mainstream every day and our patients are coming in asking for it.

Adrienne: I was really just tired of shaving and dealing with rapid hair growth. I would shave about every other day, sometimes everyday if I wanted very smooth.

Narrator: The Elite works by emitting gentle pulses of energy through the skin into the hair follicle making it impossible for that hair to re-grow. The beauty of the Elite is that hair removal can be applied to all areas of the body and on all types of skin even tanned or dark skin.

Kulkin: Now of course would only use a YAG laser. What’s so nice is that with the Elite laser we have two wavelengths. I can treat any skin color of any patient who would walk in the door whether I need to use the YAG as I do with darker skin types or to use the Alexandrite as I would on lighter skin types.

Narrator: Patients admit there is hardly any discomfort.

Demia: There is no pain it feels like if somebody just got a rubber band but it’s no pain.

Robert: You do know something is happening but is it jump out of the chair? No I mean I hardly even flinched.

Michael: It’s hard to describe I mean as its going over your face it feels like you are getting pinched a little bit but it’s not something that’s uncomfortable, not to me, it works… that’s a fact.

Weiss: What the Elite gives us is the ability to treat every skin type so it truly is a universal hair removal device. The Alexandrite will allow us very fast and relatively painless hair removal with the air cooling system and then with just the push of a button with just a software on the machine, it will switch over to the 1064 and then we can treat the dark hair on dark skin even on the darkest skin type.

Narrator: The Elite aesthetic work station can also be beneficial for medical conditions.

Kulkin: There are several medical conditions that our patients come to us with for laser hair removal. One is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, a hormonal condition where women are producing more male hormone than they would like and the other is a condition called Pseudofolliculitis Barbae fondly know as PFD.  This is a condition more commonly seen in African American and black patients where they get in-grown hairs, bumps and discolored bumps on their face and neck that sometimes even scar. With laser hair removal we are able to tremendously change the lives of the people who have used numerous over-the-counter-remedies for years. We are able to actually eliminate bumps, eliminate scarring.

Narrator: Although a series of treatments is recommended, patients often notice a significant reduction in hair after just one treatment.

Adrienne: After the first session you can really see the difference.

Danyelle: I definitely saw some major results the first time I came in.

Njeri: It’s like so why are you shaving every day.

Narrator: This laser technology is also used to help minimize bothersome leg and facial veins.

Weiss: By having 1064 in the same unit this opens up a range of applications such as treatment of hemangiomas or treatment of veins. We used 1064 for treatment of leg telangiectasia as they are usually on the purple side and its best to use 1064 when you have more purplish type of blood vessels.

Kulkin: The Elite workstation treats spider veins by using hemoglobin as the target for the laser energy. So we deliver the laser energy to the blood vessel, the hemoglobin absorbs the laser energy. Heat is created and from inside the vessel. The vessel is destroyed and scared. We are actually able to eliminate the visibility of a lot of these vessels at the time we are treating it so the immediate reward for the patient is very gratifying.

Christy: I had some minor facial vessels around my nose that I wanted to have removed. Not too troublesome but you can cover with makeup which is usually fine but when I’m out playing spots or I don’t have make up on and I look in the mirror and my eyes always seem to go there. I’m hoping that the vessels will be gone.

Narrator: Unattractive red blue or purple veins are often a result of sun exposure, hormones, age or genetics, but now these conditions can be treated in a matter of minutes with the elite. The elite uses a laser to target the vein with energy pulses, leaving the surrounding tissue untouched. The blood vessels will in time disappear naturally.

Patrycja: About a year ago I had this vessels pop off on my chick and it absolutely drove me crazy and my friends told me it wasn’t a big deal but I knew it was there. I kept trying to cover it with more makeup and then finally I just got to the point I was just like I’m going to remove it.

Narrator: If you are active person, the chances are you spend more than your fair share of time in the sun. And if you are over 30 you are more than likely to show signs of premature aging due to sun damage, with the Elite aesthetic work station you can now treat sun spots pigmented and lesions and overall skin texture making you look better than you have in years.

Kulkin: I can do skin rejuvenation procedures and laser facial procedure, it’s an anti aging procedure that stimulates collagen production and makes the skin a bit smoother reduces brownness, reduces redness. We are also able to do the laser facial procedures, skin rejuvenation procedure for reduction of pigmentation, reduction of redness in Rosacea. Making make up go on smoother and improving collagen] in the skin. And then last but not least benign sun damage, we are able to treat this brown age spots on the hands, on the chest and very important that we are always being certain that we are dealing with benign issues before we treat this and once we know that this patients are doing beautiful. Let’s face it we are in a society where appearance has become very important. People want to look their best.

Narrator: So with the Elite Aesthetic workstation you can be assured that you will receive a conformable and effective treatment whether it be for the removal of unwanted hair, unwelcome spider veins and facial vessels, treatment of uneven skin tone and texture or just getting a smoother and more revitalized appearance than you have had in years.

Demia: Now I had a lot of hair on my face. It’s just embarrassing. But I when to doctor Kulkin I knew that he was the right on for me and it has worked out great.

Kulkin: Do you feel like this has changed your life?

Demia: Absolutely.

Kulkin: Yeah I’m really glad..

Christy: It’s wonderful. I’m very pleased.

Michael: I would definitely recommend to anybody that’s having problems or just the freedom of not having to shave. I love it.

Narrator: Doctor Peter Klainer says “I have used Cynosure Alexandrite laser since 1997. I found them to be the most effective safest and fastest laser for hair removal, my patients have been consistently satisfied with their results while having minimal if any downtime associated with their treatments. I have been able to treat all skin types with laser, but have found the Nd: YAG to have a significant advantage with darker skin types as well as tanned skin. In addition the Nd: YAG has been unmatched in ease-of-use and effectiveness in the treatment of both facial and lower extremity veins.”

Doctor Kenneth Rictor says “hair removal is our most popular indication. For a very pale Caucasian individual we use the alexandrite component of the Elite, but for someone who is dark skinned or tanned Caucasian the YAG laser is used. With the Elite laser integrating aesthetics into the practice has been easier than we thought.”

My patients love the results sometimes they cry to us because of the results. They say that their life’s changing. They are absolutely thrilled with their results. I can say I’m not over stating this, they are thrilled.

Narrator: The Cynosure Elite getting to the root of the problem.

At The Angel Laser Clinic we use the Cynosure Elite laser. For more information about laser hair removal in N1, north London please contact us.