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Medical grade lasers for hair removal

The use of Medical Grade laser’s for hair removal commenced in the mid 1990’s, and has become increasingly popular for men and women worldwide. Its long term results and efficacy is what makes it so popular at the moment.

How do they work?

Medical grade laser’s work behind the principle of selective photothermolysis. The Laser destroys the hair by emitting a single concentrated light beam which is absorbed by the pigment in the hair, this light energy is then converted into thermal energy and this effectively ‘disables’ the hair growth. At the Angel Laser Clinic we use a Class 4 Medical grade laser. We ensure that we inform our clients the major benefits of using a medical grade laser as opposed to an IPL devise. IPL’s are commonly mistaken to be a laser even though it does not technically contain a laser. It uses Xenon flash lamps that emit full spectrum light making it less specific for hair removal as a medical grade laser. As this is such a general source of light, it may target various components of the skin such as, water, blood, lymph and also melanin in the hair. So this means the hair is not its main/only target. A Medical grade laser is designed with direct wavelengths that specifically target the Melanin in the hair, making the treatments more specific and effective. In the Medical Aesthetic Industry the most popular Laser’s used for Laser hair removal are; Soprano Xli, Candela and Cynosure Elite. Here are some of the differences between all of them.

The Soprano Xli

  • Claims to be the pain free solution to Laser hair removal, although some of their client beg to differ.
  • It uses 810-nm laser diode.
  • It uses a 12mmx10mm spot size.
  • It combines concurrent cooling with a gradual thermal rise to the target’s therapeutic temperature.
  • It can treat all skin types.


  • Describes treatment as virtually painless.
  • Have various models with either Alexandrite 755 wavelength/ ND Yag 1064.
  • Spot size varies from 1.5 -18mm
  • Uses unique patented dynamic cooling device. (cryogen spray)
  • Reaches its optimal thermal energy as soon as it starts depending on the energy delivered.
  • They have various models, one can treat only light skin types, one only treats dark, and another can treat all skin types as it has both wavelengths.

Cynosure Elite

  • Describes treatment as being able to remove unwanted hair with unsurpassed efficacy and client comfort.
  • Combines two optimal wavelengths in one system: the 755nm –Alexandrite laser and the 1064nm –Nd Yag laser.
  • Reaches its optimal thermal energy as soon as it starts depending on the energy delivered.
  • Has a variety of spot sizes and adjustable pulse durations—allowing you to customize treatments to accommodate your clients’ specific needs.
  • It works with a cooler that provides a continuous flow of chilled air before, during and after any non-invasive treatment involving a Cynosure laser.
  • You can customise the intensity of skin cooling by choosing among six different airflow rates

At the Angel Laser Clinic we reviewed all of these points of each laser system, evaluating all of their pros and cons. We decided that the Cynosure Elite System was the best for our clinic for many,reasons;

  • Although we don’t claim to offer a pain free treatment we know that Men and women prefer to pay for a fast effective treatment with a little discomfort than a pain free one that may take longer and may not achieve the best results.
  • It incorporates the two most effective wavelengths specific for all skin types.

The Soprano does also treat all skin types but it only uses one wavelength to do so (Diode 810-nm). This wavelength is in the middle of an Alexandrite 755-nm and a Nd- Yag 1064, Meaning it has to be used on low settings for dark skins and it may not be strong enough for light skins as it has a lower pigment absorption rate than an Alexandrite, therefore not being specific to each skin type it may not give the same results as a Nd- yag for dark skins and an Alexandrite for light.

  • Although it’s biggest spot size is 15mm – we can customise the energy settings on each spot size to make it as effective and safe for any skin type, where as with other laser’s they have set parameters limiting the strength and effectiveness of the treatments.
  • We believe it’s best to reach the thermal temperature at once so the treatment time is shorter and more effective as you would only pass over the surface area once.
  • We also prefer its cooling system, as it uses cold air instead of cryogen spray that has been known to sometimes cause reactions to the skin, also as it’s air it does not add any more physical trauma to the skin whereas the cryogen spray does, you can feel the cryogen spray thump against the skin after every pulse of the laser.

We can confidentiality say that we have found the Cynosure elite laser to be the most effective laser hair removal device. We hope our opinion may help many more people seeking Laser Hair Removal in London to make a wise decision.

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