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Why is Laser hair removal a better long term solution than the ‘no!no!’?

Since the launch of the new device the ‘no!no!’ men and women are becoming confused and misled into what is a good solution for unwanted hair.

How the no!no! works.

It works on the principle of thermal transference which they have named Thermicon Technology; this simply transmits a gentle pulse of heat to the hair. The hair singes and then crystalizes leaving a rough feeling on the skin, so therefore you must buff away the left over residue with some buffers provided in the no!no! set.

How the laser works.

The laser beam passes through the skin without damaging it. The laser light is absorbed by melanin which is the dark pigment within the hair and then converted to heat. This allows a selective destruction of the base of the hair follicle, making it unable to produce hair as it did before. The surrounding skin is unharmed.

Here are some facts to explain why we believe laser hair removal is a better long-term solution that the ‘no!no!”

Laser Hair Removal no! no!
Targets the hair follicle Only targets superficial hair not the root
Only need 6-8 sessions to achieve a significant reduction. Need to treat 2-3 times a week forever, will never reduce hair permanently
Only one visit every 4-6 weeks for a few months Home treatments to be done 2-3 times a week resulting in consuming more time.
Hair growth will slow down in 1-2 treatments Hair will always grow back at same speed of persons growth rate.(1-3 days)
Can treat any part of the body except for below the eyebrows due to risk of laser exposure to the eyes. Cannot treat genital / nipples.
Long lasting results Short/temporary results
No buffing required after treatment Buffing required
Qualified practitioner does treatment for you ensuring to cover all hard to reach areas You have to do treatments yourself and can be difficult to cover all areas.

Having this device at hope will offer you a short term solution similar to shaving, so why not invest a bit more in having laser hair removal at the Angel Laser Clinic and have a hair free body for summer!

For more information about laser hair removal vs the no! no! devise please contact us