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How to prepare the skin for chemical peels

When considering having a Chemical Peel, it’s important to consider to prepare the skin before your treatment. It may depend on your skin type and what peel you are going to undergo, to decide whether you need pre-conditioning of the skin.

Why should I consider prepping?

  • Negative responses can be minimised by preparing the skin, bringing it to maximum health through the use of AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) prior to treatments. These AHA’s often have small percentages of the same type of acid that will be used in the chemical peel you have chosen to undergo.
  • The skin is stronger and better prepared for treatment, helping it leap past the erythema (redness) stage, straight on to healing itself immediately and safely upon initiation of the treatments.
  • Another good reason to prepare the skin is, in order to achieve maximum results, healthy skin responds a lot better to treatments. Balancing and pre-conditioning brings the clients skin to a stronger, healthier state, allowing the skin to develop its regeneration process.

If you are a light to medium skin type and you are required to prepare the skin before your chemical peel, you will generally be prescribed AHA (alpha-hydroxy Acid) based products for 2 weeks prior to your treatment to allow it to start resurfacing, balance out and de-sensitise your skin for the peel you are going to undergo.

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