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10 Key points when choosing a Laser hair removal clinic in London


shutterstock_83743303When considering which laser hair removal clinic to choose it may be wise to look for a clinic that’s located relatively close to where you live or near your workplace. This ensures you will be able to schedule in your appointments when is convenient for you without having to commute for long periods of time and ensures you can make your appointments on time.

The Angel Laser Clinic is located in between Angel and Highbury and Islington. It’s one of few Clinics in North London that offer Laser Hair Removal using medical grade lasers.

2. Prices

It’s Important to enquire about how much your treatment will cost and compare it to other clinics prices to see what will give you a good quality treatment for a good price. Sometimes some clinics may be cheaper or more expensive than others but the most important thing is to see if the quality of the service provided supports the price. It may be better to invest a bit more money in having treatments somewhere where you will feel comfortable, receive effective treatments with the latest laser technology and be safe under the care of a licensed and insured clinic.

At The Angel Laser Clinic, we provide affordable treatments with up to 30% off, with flexible payment plans. We have compared our prices with other leading clinics and have beaten their prices, whilst still offering a gold standard service with the latest laser hair removal technology.

3. Variety of treatments.

When considering what laser hair removal clinic to go to, it’s also good to find a clinic that offers multiple treatments. This shows the clinic and the practitioners have a wide range of knowledge about the aesthetic industry and can cater for different type of people with multiple needs. Its also good, when you have become comfortable with your aesthetician to be able to have a variety of different treatments with them.

At The angel laser Clinic, as well as Laser hair removal we also offer a range of skin treatments for most skin concerns. These include :Microdermabrasion (using salt, also known as Naturepeel), chemical peels, medical grade facials, laser wrinkle reduction, laser toning, laser pigmentation removal, laser vein removal and dermaroller.

4. Opening Hours

Its also important to consider what opening hours different clinics have. If you have a 9-5 job it can be difficult to arrange appointments if a clinic has the same opening and closing hours, this would mean having to take time off work.

At our clinic, we open 7 days a week. Monday to Friday from 9am – 8pm and on the weekends from 10am – 6pm.

5. Flexibility/Availability.

There is nothing more annoying than trying on various occasions to book an appointment at a clinic and they are always fully booked at the time you need. So make sure the clinic you choose has enough availability, capacity and staff in order to accommodate your appointments.

At the Angel Laser clinic we have 6 practitioners, 3 Lasers, 4 rooms and we open long hours in order to accommodate people when is most convenient for them.

6. Qualifications/Licensing/Insurance

When choosing a laser hair removal clinic, its very important to see if all the staff that are employed have the right sort of qualifications in order to carry out each treatment they offer at the clinic.

The clinic must also have a special treatments licence in order to offer Aesthetic treatments. They must all be listed in the licence and should be displayed or at least available to see if you wish.

Also they must be insured by an appropriate health care/medical/Aesthetic insurance company. This shows they will be able able to cover themselves and also patients against unplanned events.

At The angel laser clinic we have 6 fully qualified laser practitioners. We are fully licensed for all our treatments with Islington Council and are fully Insured by PSR Insurance brokers.

7. Facilities/ Machinery/ Equipment

It always good too choose a clinic that looks nice in the inside and out. This can make your visits to the clinic a pleasant experience. Its important you feel comfortable when you visit the clinic and that its surrounding makes you feel at ease.

Always be sure they are using up to date machinery or equipment. As time passes new technology enters the aesthetic industry and often it offers a higher quality of treatment and a better treatment outcome.

At The Angel Laser Clinic, we use only the latest medical grade technology for laser hair removal. We use the Cynosure Elite and the Cynosure Elite Plus. Which both use two wavelengths, Alexandrite 755nm for light skin and Nd Yag 1064nm for dark skin.

8. Cleanliness.

In a laser hair removal clinic it is important to look at the cleanliness and hygiene of the clinic. Many patients visit these clinics daily and if the clinic is not kept clean or if hygiene standards are not met, this can lead to cross infection or simply not a comfortable experience when visiting the clinic.

At The angel laser clinic we clean all of our treatment rooms daily and the whole clinic is cleaned on a regular basis using appropriate sanitisers and disinfectants. We use a sharps bin to throw away any consumables that have been in contact with a human fluids or even hair.

9. Friendly Staff.

You could be visiting your laser hair removal clinic every month, so it is vital that you feel welcome and get along with the practitioners that work there. This also makes your experience at the clinic a pleasant and enjoyable one.

10. Safety

Last but not least it is make sure the clinic implements and adheres to safety regulations.

Make sure that when you have you laser hair removal treatments a few things to look out for is :

  • Protective eye wear.
  • Sufficient cooling of the skin/ a cooling machine.
  • Appropriate electricity sockets for a laser machine.
  • Fire extinguishers.

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