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Dermaroller in Angel

Do you feel like your skin needs a little TLC? Want a treatment with no down time? You may want to consider Dermaroller. At The Angel Laser Clinic we also specialise in skin treatments. In your consultation we ask you what your needs are then examine your skin thoroughly. During which we decide if dermaroller would be suitable for your skin needs.

What is Derma roller? It is a non-ablative and non-surgical treatment. It consists of a roller containing micro needles and a handle to treat a range of skin conditions.

What is it used for? Derma roller is used in order to improve a variety of skin problems. Such as:

  1. Rejuvenation: Derma roller stimulates new tissues formation the skin will be intact due to the fact that the micro needles act constructively to the skin. The skin will not be damaged so therefore will not go into a wound healing response
  2. Acne scaring: Small pitted lesions on the face due to acne. You can only use derma roller on non -active acne this is because you do not want to cross contaminate the surrounding area which is not infected.
  3. Stretch marks: Is a form of scaring, this is caused by the dermis being torn. The main reasons why stretch marks occur are due to pregnancy, a result of rapid weight gain/loss and growths spurts during puberty.
  4. Stimulate hair growth: To stimulate hair re-growth. Stimulating blood circulation is a proven way of encouraging hair growth because it enhances the supply of raw material to the hair.

How does it work? The skin is prepped for treatment, the area will be numbed using a local anaesthetic cream, once the area is fully numb the derma rolling will begin, the skin will be pierced creating a column using the micro needles .Then we will apply a special formula which will penetrate deep into the skin, the column will then close rapidly enabling the skin to recover quickly.

How many sessions will I need? Dermal Roller is a very effective treatment however you do need to be very religious with it. Depending on your skin concern will average the amount of treatments that will be needed. *For rejuvenation it averages around 6 sessions *for stretch marks it averages around 10 sessions *for hair stimulation it averages around 12 sessions

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