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Removal of skin tags at The Angel Laser Clinic


Here at The Angel laser clinic we have experienced and qualified dermatologists. We are located in Angel.

Common skin lesions often found on the body are skin tags also known as acrochordons, they look like skin coloured growths, and they are harmless. These occur due to friction against skin or clothing. Anyone can develop skin tags however they are often more common in older people. Skin tags are not life threatening nor do they cause any discomfort. Most people decide to get them removed because they find them to be unsightly.



There are 4 ways of removing skin tags

  1. Excision: This is when a dermatologist removes the skin tag using a scalpel. Some people decide to cut the skin tag on their own but please be aware that skin tags bleed uncontrollably and may get infected if not treated correctly.
  2. Cryotherapy: Cryotherapy works by freezing the growth with liquid nitrogen. The low temperature destroys cell tissue therefore effectively destroying the skin tag. This method is used for different growths on the body.
  3. Cauterization: This is when the dermatologist uses a probe that heats up immensely using running electric current, once on the skin tag it burns the soft tissue, ending with a complete removal of the growth.
  4. Ligation: If your skin tag is small with a narrow base you can try to remove it yourself using a piece of thread or dental floss and tying it around the skin growth in order to cut off its blood supply, leading to the skin tag falling off.

If you have a skin tag that you would like to have removed, book in to see one of our dermatologists that will be more than happy to treat you.

For more information about skin tag removal and Dermatology in Angel please contact us