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Mole Check Ups at The Angel Laser Clinic.

shutterstock_134743586Melanoma is the sixth most common cancer in UK and it is second most common cancer among 15-34 year old people. Melanoma is an aggressive form of skin cancer.

Usually moles are completely harmless but sometimes these can be on areas which are visible to everyone and it could affect your confidence and can also be a nuisance. If that is the case then removing the mole is an option for you because it has a cosmetic reason.

Most of our moles develop during our thirties. Moles can vary in size, colour and shape. They can be from brownish to skin-coloured, raised or flat and you can notice some hair growing out of them. There are many reasons why your moles can change, for example hormonal (pregnancy, puberty and menopause/ageing), genetic and also sun exposure can be a potential cause of melanoma.

Most common areas where you can notice moles are legs, arms, back and face. They tend to appear on these areas, which are more often exposed to the sun.

It is important to check your moles every few months to see if your moles have any changes and if you find something different you should see a dermatologist for a check-up. You should definitely check your skin regularly if you have light skin, freckles and if you usually get sunburnt.

The best way to check your mole at home is by the ABCD system which is: asymmetry, border, colour and diameter. Normally your moles should be symmetrical, have regular edges and be only one colour (if it has different shades of colour, then it is worth to have a check-up) and the diameter of mole should be less than 6 mm. If you notice any of these previous symptoms or crusting, bleeding, itchiness, inflammation on your mole, you should immediately contact your doctor to see if it is cancerous. And also if you notice any new moles, you should be suspicious.

In conclusion, be careful with the sun exposure, wear SPF 50 and check your skin regularly. These points can help you to prevent developing melanomas.

Here at The Angel Laser Clinic we have two dermatologists who work for the NHS and in private clinics.

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