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Milia Removal at The Angel Laser Clinic

Milia are tiny skin cysts that are filled with a potien called Keratin. They usually measure between 1 – 2 mm and look like small white or yellowish raised bumps on the skin. They resemble the appearance of a white head, but are harder in texture and cannot be extracted as easily. They usually form around the eyes, eyelids, nose and cheeks, although they can appear anywhere on the body. Milia can affect people of any age, but are most common in new born babies. These usually clear up on their own for babies and no treatment is needed, on the other hand in teenagers or adults treatment is usually suggested if the appearance of the Milia bothers them.

There are different types of Milia:

  1. Neonatal Milia – These types of milia are found commonly in new born babies, it is thought that around half of all babies may develop them and it could be a result of undeveloped sweat glands. They are considered normal and harmless in babies and usually are resolved with time.
  2. Primary Milia – This is simply milia that can occur in children and adults.
  3. Secondary Milia – This is milia that appear on certain parts of the body that have previously damaged or injured, e.g after a blister or a rash. They tend to form after the skin has healed due to damage to the sweat glands. They can also appear after certain creams are applied to the skin like, corticosteroid creams.
  4. Milia en plaque – this form is quite rare and it develops on an inflamed, raised patch of skin called a plaque. The cause of this type of milia is not is not fully understood.
  5. Multiple eruptive Milia – These are multiple patches of milia which form quite rapidly over a period of weeks or months. They tend to happen on the face upper arms and upper torso, this type is also rare and can be caused genetically.

Overall the main reason for milia to appear is either after a trauma to the skin, use of steroid creams or it’s been genetically passed on. They do not have any relation to high cholesterol as many people think.

Milia Treatment at The Angel Laser Clinic

At our clinic you can have treatment for Milia with one of our medical aestheticians or a dermatologist.

The Milia is extracted using a medical micro needle and a particular methods to minimise any scars, marks or infection. We do not advise you to self-treat milia at home.

For more information about Milia treatment in North London please contact us.