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Effective laser hair removal in London for Asian, Middle Eastern, Dark, tanned and Black Skins

What laser is best for dark skin: Soprano or Nd:YAG Laser?

black-modelThe Nd:YAG laser is the gold standard for Asian and Black skin. The Nd:YAG laser provides the safest and most effective hair removal for dark skin types.

The Soprano is promoted as the painless hair removal laser, which is used similar to an IPL machine. ECG gel is applied as a conductor to the area before the laser is repeatedly worked over the area whilst a beeping sound is heard.

Even though the Soprano is marketed as a pain free way to remove hair a sensation is felt during the treatment, a quick light flicking of an elastic band which is tolerable.

The square head piece is used 12mm x 10mm and penetrates 4.5mm into the skin.

It is in fact a diode laser using a wavelength of 810 nano metres. It is a much shorter wavelength than the Nd: YAG laser so the settings used on dark skin need to be lower in order for a safe treatment to be delivered, which could increase the number of treatments required significantly or if used on even lower settings could have the opposite effect and stimulate hair growth.

The Nd:YAG works at 1064 nano metres, a longer wavelength that has lower absorption of melanin thus being very safe and effective to use on darker skin types. There are various spot sizes depending on the areas you are targeting. The Nd:YAG penetrates deeper at 5mm into the skin.

A smaller spot size can be used for sensitive areas on the face and an 18mm spot size is available for the body which ensures a quicker but very effective treatment.

No conductor gel is required for Nd: YAG laser treatments. The area is clean and dry then the laser targets the hair follicle whilst the skin is protected with the aid of a refrigerated air cooling device.

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