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Laser Hair Removal for the Scalp in London

At the Angel Laser Clinic in London, we offer the best solution for people who are tired of continuously shaving their head. Whether it’s because they simply like how they look with no hair or because of hair loss in some areas. Increasingly men are embracing their baldness and choose to shave their heads as it can have a masculine appearance.

smiling manAt our laser hair removal clinic we use the latest medical grade laser which offers a safe and effective treatment. In fact laser hair removal on the scalp may require fewer treatments than the rest of the body as it has a lot more density and is more often at the active stage of hair growth which makes it more susceptible to the laser.

Our Cynosure Elite and Cynosure Elite Plus laser work stations use two wavelengths, one for dark skin – Nd:Yag 1064nm and the other for light skin – Alexandrite 755nm. This means we can treat all skin types safely as long as the hair is dark. The laser targets the hair without harming the surrounding tissue and without risks of pigment changes.

We use a Cynosure SmartCool chiller system which cools down the skin as the treatments are being done, offering a more easier and manageable treatment.

Most men who have had a few treatments report the benefit of having to spend less time shaving their head as the hair reduces so quickly and also the frequency they have to shave every week is a lot less as the hair growth has slowed down so much. They also report the clean fresh look they achieve after shaving with no stubble or “head shadow”.

Many men that have had laser hair removal of the scalp then decide to have the rest of their face done as they are sure they will never want to grow a beard and would like to save time from shaving their face daily aswell. Another reason they decide to do laser hair removal on their face is to prevent getting shaving bumps/rash or ingrown hairs.

Even though it is expected to work well on the scalp as the hair is usually at the active stage of hair growth, we do recommend a minimum of 8-12 treatments. This is because their will always be areas of hair which are not at this stage so multiple treatments are needed to get an even reduction.

The challenging areas that seems to be more resistant to treatments are the crown and the occipital part of the head. For those areas more treatments are needed.

At the Angel Laser Clinic, all our practitioner are trained, qualified and experienced to advise you on the appropriate treatment methodology and expected results for you.

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