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Laser hair removal and tanning

Tanned skin is not suitable for laser treatments

People with tanned skin were traditionally advised not to have laser hair removal treatments because it could change their natural skin pigmentation. At The Angel Laser Clinic we use the medical grade Cynosure Elite and Thunder lasers. The thunder’s revolutionary technology combines two optimal wavelengths in one system: the 755-nm Alexandrite laser and the 1064-nm Nd:YAG laser. Since the practitioner can switch and combine wavelengths during a single procedure, they can select the most appropriate laser for any given hair or skin type.

Laser hair removal on dark skin

During a laser hair removal treatment, some of the light energy is directed onto the skin where the unwanted hair is located. The skin absorbs some of this energy before it reaches the hair follicles. How much energy is absorbed will be determined by the skin colour. Tanned skin has a greater tendency absorb light energy and this can cause burning or discoloration after treatment if the wrong laser technology is used. At The Angel Laser Clinic, you can start or continue having your treatment four week after tanning with the our Thunder or Cynosure lasers. Always check before your holiday when the best time is to book your next appointment.

Tanning lotions and laser hair removal treatment

Sunless tanning creams have the same affect on skin as normal exposure to the sun. These creams also change the skin’s pigmentation, and can alter how effective laser hair removal treatments are. The patient should avoid using these creams for several months before having a treatment.

After laser hair removal

The treated areas may be sensitive. If you are expecting to be exposed to the sun you need to be aware of the side effects and that exposure to direct sunlight could harm the skin or cause discoloration. Patients can use a high SPF factor sunscreen to protect the treated areas.

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