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Red spots on the skin

Cherry Angiomas are small, round, bright red to purple papules that develop on the skin’s surface. They are non-cancerous. The reasons for their development are not fully understood, but it is thought that stress, age, exposure to some chemicals and genetics can contribute to their progression.

These red papules can be flat or elevated and contain blood (small blood capillaries). They can appear anywhere on the body, most commonly on torso and least commonly on hands and feet. Sometimes they are only tens of millimetres in size, but can be a centimetre or more. They can be flat or elevated and sometimes develop into a dome shape. They are not dangerous but they sometimes bleed profusely if cut by accident and this can in rare cases lead to infection. They can feel uncomfortable if under pressure from items of clothing like waistbands. It is not advisable to puncture a Cherry Angioma. For this reason and for purely cosmetic reasons Cherry Angiomas can be easily removed.

In the Angel Laser Clinic in Islington we use Nd Yag for removal of Cherry Angiomas. The treatment is very safe and quick. If the Cherry Angioma is quite small, usually only one treatment is necessary.


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