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Microdermabrasion in London



Our microdermabrasion at The Angel Laser Clinic is a facial treatment especially used to remove the top layer of dead skin cells and help to promote cell renewal.

This device uses natural non- toxic salt which gently lifts off the dead skin cells without scratching or causing trauma to the skin unlike the crystal microdermabrasion which is commonly used in other clinics or salons.

Our disposable circuits used during the treatment deliver the salt onto the skin and with the use of positive pressure; it collects it back up with all dirt, dead or damaged skin cells.

This means you will never be exposed to cross infection as we will never use the same circuit again on someone else. It uses positive pressure instead of vacuum like other microdermabrasions in other salons/clinics, so you won’t experience any pulling or uncomfortable tugging on the skin.

With the use of its natural non- toxic salt, it also has an antibacterial element, great for killing germs and drying out spots.

As a one off treatment you will achieve an instant fresh, smooth, and rejuvenated effect on the skin.

Although if used frequently as a course of 8-12 treatments combined with the Revlite Q swiched laser, you can achieve greater results, i.e, reduction of; acne scars, superficial pigmentation, fine lines, blemishes, pore size, and promotes skin renewal.

So whether you’re just looking for something to leave your skin glowing and feeling fresh for a one-off special event or want to focus more on looking after your skin, this is a great way to treat yourself with at the Angel Laser Clinic.

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