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Recommended Laser Hair Removal

Most people contact The Angel Laser Clinic because they have unwanted hair on their faces, backs, legs, underarms, arms or bikini areas. Many come to the clinic following a recommendation from a friend. Others have typed search terms into Google like:

  • Permanent laser hair removal or
  • Affordable laser hair removal or
  • Laser hair removal Islington and have come across our website.

Some clients fed up with shaving every few days or waxing every few weeks are researching the topic for the first time. They typically look at the pros and cons of laser hair removal versus IPL. (In a nutshell, a laser is probably a bit more expensive but it’s safer and far more effective for hair removal. It’s able to achieve higher peak energies and can direct this to kill the hair follicle. The energy from an IPL spreads right through the skin, increasing possible complications. IPL is therefore more commonly recommended for treating skin conditions than for hair removal).

A fair proportion of those opting for laser hair removal also research which type of laser they should use. They choose The Angel Laser Clinic because we use the top of the market Thunder laser and Cynosure Elite. This medical grade lasers combines the Alexandrite (for people with light skins) and the Nd:Yag (the laser of choice for treating Asian, Middle Eastern, Latin and Black skins).

Some of our clients have had laser treatments before, often in high street salons or clinics. They may have felt their treatments lacked a personal touch – rather more like being on a conveyor belt. They might also be looking for something a bit more private and discreet than a high street clinic. The Angel Laser Clinic is set in a well lit, quiet courtyard in Islington, between Upper Street and Liverpool Road, N1. This location is ideal for clients who wish to keep the type of treatment they are having private.

Lastly, people come to the clinic because it is centrally located and easy to reach – a short walk from both the Northern Line (Angel) and the Victoria Line (Highbury and Islington). Given the location of the clinic, many clients come from Islington itself. That said, we’ve had clients coming from as far afield as Hertfordshire, Essex and even 2 from Norway, as our prices make laser hair removal affordable!