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Electrolysis hair removal at The Angel Laser Clinic

Electrolysis is a FDA, British Medical Association and UK Advertising Standards Authority approved method of permanent hair removal.

  • How does it work?

Electrologist is using tiny probe treating each hair individually using either heat energy, chemical energy or a combination of both.

  • Who is suitable?

Electrolysis is widely used not only for treating ladies but also men. It’s suitable for all skin types, teenagers, older adults, anyone affected by unwanted hair growth due to hormonal fluctuations and also after the first trimester of pregnancy.

  • Which areas can be treated?

Most face and body areas can be treated. That includes the area around the eyes, eyebrows and with Doctor’s approval, hairs on the moles. 

  • What about treating fine hairs?

Electrolysis can be used treating fine and light hairs. Sometimes people start with the laser treatment and after multiple sessions continue with electrolysis as the hairs are reduced and there may be some finer hairs remaining. 

It is not necessary to shave before the treatment which is positive for whoever is concerned about stimulation of hairs growth through shaving. 

  • Is it painful?

Level of sensation varies from person to person. It is usually described as a mild sting. Normally there is no pain relief necessary. Following the pre care instructions and using a modern machine with computerised software, high magnification loupes and quality probes all help to make the treatment more comfortable.


Consultation before the treatment is important to understand the treatment process. The amount of sessions, frequency and side effects depend on many different factors like: treatment area and it’s size, hair type, skin sensitivity, medical history, previous methods of hair removal and others.

Our Electrologist Sarah is also an experienced aesthetician and laser specialist and therefore can provide advise on different treatment options.

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