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Byonik, a laser guided by your heart

Over the years, at The Angel Laser Clinic we have observed that not all patients need to undergo traditional laser or Radio Frequency procedures. Byonik allowed us to observe how sensitive or dehydrated skin types can recover without resurfacing or thermal injury (more advisable instead for acne scars, pigmentation or drastic rejuvenation).

Byonik laser is the only laser that can be performed after sun exposure, used in combination with active ingredients and during pregnancy. It is ideal for patients who receive regular treatments on the face (such as laser hair removal) or injectables (filler or botox). Our patients in fact often use it to improve the elasticity of the skin and it helps the bruises after injections disappear. It is a popular treatment before and after holidays to prepare the skin for the sun and to glow. It has a plump effect on the lips and around the eyes that I use to call the ‘Wow effect’. The creoline serum in fact enhances the lips and ‘opens’ the lines around the eyes. The effect is very natural and, if the treatments are consistently planned, it lasts a few months. It is ideal for someone who has never received a laser treatment and is searching for something to maintain their youthful-looking skin.

The technical difference between a traditional laser and Byonik is that this machine works in pulses (PTL), pulse triggered laser and pushes the active ingredients (hyaluronic acid and antioxidants) into the skin when your blood circulation is ready to receive them. In one word, it works in combination with your heart pulses.

At the clinic, we have often combined Byonik with other lasers such as Nd Yag medical Q-Switched laser as it works well to enhance the treatment outcome. We have also observed the benefits for mild rosacea patients and patients who have suffered from eczema in the past. Byonik helps in fact to reduce inflammation and diffused redness. The average age of our patients for Byonik is in their 30’s, but it could be considered a preventive treatment for younger patients whenever needed. The consultation is always an important step to advise everyone on the right option, depending on their skin concerns, age, skin types and needs.

Article written by our Clinical lead practitioner Laura Esposito.