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Laser Hair Removal London

Laser hair removal is the most rapidly growing aesthetic laser procedure. At The Angel Laser Clinic in Islington, London, we use the FDA approved Thunder Laser. This enables us to select the wavelength that best meets each patient’s needs. Lighter skin types I – III are treated with the Alexandrite laser (755 nm) while darker skin types IV-VI are treated with the Nd:YAG (1064 nm).

Typically about eight treatments are recommended, spaced at four to six week intervals to accomplish a 70-90% reduction in hair count regardless of skin type. The Elite laser affords a wide range of power settings and pulse widths to achieve optimal outcomes, something other lasers with fixed parameters are unable to do. Individual results will vary and thicker hair responds better than finer, lighter hair.

All skin types need top quality cooling and for this we use the SmartCool 6. This system delivers air at -4°C and provides cooling protection before, during and after each laser pulse.

Mixed Technology ( Alex + Nd:YAG)

A difficulty in laser hair-removal has centred around the ability to treat dark skins with fine hair. The Quanta Thunder laser is the ultimate platform system for this problem by mixing together in one laser-pulse the 2 gold standard wavelengths of hair removal. By adding a proportion of Alexandrite into the safety of a Nd:YAG pulse fine hairs can be treated on all skin type’s.

Alexandrite (755nm) laser is regarded as the gold standard for hair-removal for skin types 1-3/4 due to the high absorption of this wavelengths in melanin (colouring for hair) This increased affinity means Alexandrite is the gold standard for treating thin, fine and light coloured hairs with little melanin.

Nd:YAG (1064nm) laser is the safest wavelength for treating all skin type’s which means it can be used on dark skin type up to and including skin type 6. It has a low melanin absorption so the wavelengths is not absorbed by colour hence its safety in treating dark skin type’s. It targets the germative cell of the hair follicle of the vascular supply of the hair follicle. This means even it gets results in hair with no melanin in them at all and is effective in blond, red and grey hairs.

Mixed technology

  • Reduced thermal energy, so less pain
  • Effective on all skin type
  • Effective on all skin colours
  • Safe on all skin types including dark skins
  • Faster treatments
  • Increased results for skin rejuvenation
  • Quick treatments times
  • All year around treatments

Light Skin Types I – III (Alexandrite Laser)

Very light skin (type I) is treated starting with a short pulse width, reserving a more aggressive pulse width for later sessions as the hair gets finer. Coarse hair requires a lower energy than fine hair. Men’s facial hair and thick, dense hair on other areas of the body might be started with low settings. We use the largest spot size possible given the combination of settings to provide a rapid as well as effective treatment. Repetition rates greater than 1 Hz may be chosen based on patient comfort.

Dark Skin Types IV-VI (Nd:YAG Laser)

People with dark skin types have a heightened risk of side-effects using the Alexandrite laser so the Nd:YAG is the wavelength of choice. To protect these patients’ skins we use longer pulse widths (longer time of delivery of energy). Again, the size of the body area being treated determines the spot size. This might be 10 mm on small areas like the face, bikini and underarms, and a 12 or 15 mm spot size on legs, backs and chests.

Effective Laser Hair Removal

Women usually choose to treat their bikini area, underarms, face, legs, arms and back. Men commonly choose their chest, abdomen and back as well as the beard and neck areas. We are able to reduce unwanted hair by 80-90% in most of our patients without major complications. Those seeking treatment due to in-growing hairs and razor burns typically see complete resolution after eight to twelve sessions spaced at six week intervals.

Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal

Follicular edema, or hair follicle swelling, is a perfectly natural result of every laser hair removal session. In 90% of patients it has gone in 15 minutes. In rare cases it can last for several days and cause itching. In these cases treatment with Aloe Vera or 1% hydrocortisone lotion is advised.

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