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Platelet Rich Plasma In London

Is minimally invasive treatment used to stimulate healing and promote regeneration of tissues. 
PRP (Platelet rich plasma) and PRF(platelet rich fibrin) are performed by obtaining a small blood sample, as you would with a standard blood test, which is placed in a centrifuge for separation. Obtained serum is reintroduced into areas of concern either by very small injections or Microneedling. 
Platelet rich Plasma and Platelet rich fibrin are used in many areas of medicine for example in Joint care and Dentistry. Aesthetics is predominantly used for rejuvenation of the face, including around the eyes, neck, hands and for improving hair growth on the scalp and eyebrows. 
PRF is considered a second generation of PRP, a superior option, where blood is spun at lower speed (compared with PRP). This allows some heavier cells like white blood cells and growth factors to be in the harvested serum as well as lighter platelets and plasma which are used with PRP. These are thought to make the serum richer and potentially more effective. 
Opposite to PRP, there is no anticoagulant in the PRF test tubes what not only makes this treatment completely natural but also causes fibrinogen in the blood to be converted to fibrin. Spongy fibrin matrix that is created activates platelets. This process seems to allow slow release of growth factors and is involved in healing with positive implications in regeneration of collagen and elastin. 
Results are dependent on type of concern, age, quality of your plasma and lifestyle factors. It is advisable to follow Pre and After care given at the Consultation.
Number and frequency of treatment depends on individual concern and area treated but is usually monthly for minimum of 3 times.
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