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Cherry Angiomas

Have you noticed bright red clusters of tiny capillaries on your face, trunk area or somewhere else? Would you like to get rid of them? If yes, then we have a solution for you at The Angel Laser Clinic. Our fully qualified practitioners will help you to remove these lesions with a Cynosure Elite laser treatment.

So what are they? These dilated tiny capillaries are called cherry angiomas, they are very common and the probability to get them increases with age and usually they occur in your thirties. Cherry angiomas can be round domed or flat topped. They vary in colour, size and shape – from bright red to purple and from one millimetre to a centimetre. Sometimes they can bleed when you have injured them but there is no medical reason to remove them. It’s normal to have them on all skin types, races and both genders but most commonly they are visible on fair skin and unfortunately you cannot prevent them, however it is helpful to protect the skin from the sun.

We can target these cherry angiomas with our latest medical grade laser, which is called Cynosure Elite with Nd:Yag wavelength. There are several possibilities to remove them, like cryosurgery, electrosurgery, IPL etc. but the best way to remove these red papules is to use a medical laser. Due to the fact that the removal procedure is quick and with minimal side-effects, it is widely practiced for cosmetic purposes as it is a very effective treatment and won’t cause any damage or scarring on your surrounded skin.

Cherry angiomas are generally harmless and they have only cosmetic appearance. The reason why people get these clusters is not known, as it very rarely causes malignancy and thus there has been little or no incentive to research its causes.

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