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Laser Hair Removal Discount

How does laser hair removal work?

The laser beam passes through the skin without damaging it. The laser light is absorbed by melanin which is the dark pigment within the hair and then converted to heat. This allows a selective destruction of the base of the hair follicle, making it unable to produce hair as it did before. The surrounding skin is unharmed.

Benefits of of latest medical laser Cynosure Thunder MT:

  1. For the entire body and face including: underarms, full bikini, legs, arms, back, chest, abdomen etc.
  2. Faster and less painful treatments
  3. Less risk of side effects because it can operate using less heat on the skin
  4. Versatility to treat safely all skin types and adaptability to mixed skin types
  5. Already after 8 treatments, we are able to leave a longer time in between sessions compared to a traditional laser
  6. A higher percentage of permanent reduction per session
  7. More chances to reach the thicker and deeper hair (such as bikini or back of men) by modulating energy and parameters
  8. More effectivity on thinner hair on faces
  9. Less frequent maintenance sessions

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