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Treatment for white hairs

Electrolysis is a good treatment option for treating unwanted white hairs on the face and body.

It’s a permanent solution to remove light and fine or red hairs that are otherwise impossible to eliminate with other treatments like laser or IPL because the lack of pigment.

Why do we have white and grey hairs?

White and grey hairs are actually colourless as they lack the melanin, but they appear white or grey due to the light reflection.
White and grey hairs are usually associated with ageing or genetics. They can be successfully treated regardless of the cause.
If you have a lot of white hair at young age you may wish to see a medical professional for advice.

How does it work?

A tiny probe is used to treat every hair individually. There is no need to shave before the treatment and no wavelengths of light is used so there is no possibility to stimulate growth of untreated follicles with light.

Not only for hair removal

This treatment can also help with folliculitis barber and ingrown hairs. Post inflammatory hyper pigmentation that happens because of ingrown hairs and plucking can also be improved. Electrolysis can help to reduce blemishes associated with hair growth and make the skin to appear smother.


For more information please arrange a consultation at the Angel Laser Clinic. Our electrolysis specialist will be able to provide you all the information before you start the treatment.