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At The Angel Laser Clinic our experienced practitioners are dedicated to providing clients with the best possible results using the latest medical-leading laser technology.

  1. Our prices
  2. Our Practitioners  and laser specialist constitute a carefully selected team of professionals with the required experience, care and an in-depth understanding of laser physics to use lasers safely to provide optimum results.
  3. We are one unique clinic, located in a discrete private courtyard, as opposed to a high street beauty salon or a chain of clinics.
  4. We offer the safest and latest technology and products available to the cosmetic medical industry.
  5. At The Angel Laser Clinic we only use the most up-to-date technology available to the cosmetic medical industry. Our treatments are FDA approved.
Latest laser technology

Our Thunders lasers are the best laser technology available today. It combines the Alexandrite laser, which is the gold standard for treating white skin, and the Nd:YAG, which is the gold standard for Asian and Black skin. This combination produces the ultimate system for safe and effective hair removal for all skin types. Thunder is the only laser in the world that can mix the two lasers Alexandrite and Nd:YAG to deliver them at the same time into the skin.

The Lasers deliver energy via large spot sizes, ensuring faster treatment sessions and optimal results. Its unique cooling system protects the skin by cooling the epidermis before, during and after the laser treatment, unlike other methods such as contact cooling, or cryogen spray. The cooler maximises patient comfort and minimises any side effects.

Highly skilled and experienced laser practitioners and dermatologist

Our specialist are fully qualified laser consultants. We also have a consultant dermatologist available for consultations. They are available for consultations and treatments. Laser practitioners at The Angel Laser Clinic are fully registered, qualified and experienced professionals, trained to focus on the needs of our clients. They have the expertise and time to answer questions in detail and are not trained salespeople. All our staff have a background in health care.


The Angel Laser Clinic

Ethical and Honest Advice from Our Consultants
Our dermatologist and laser specialists are trained in a medical environment that aims to provide the patients with what is the best treatment for them. Our specialists do not focus on sales but in what is of real benefit for the skin of a particular patient.


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The Angel Laser Clinic?

We are a Licensed Clinic with treatments you can trust

The Angel Laser Clinic is a registered company. We are fully registered with London Borough of Islington and have been granted a special treatment licence. Following a legislative change in October 2010, cosmetic treatments not involving surgery are no longer regulated by the Care Quality Commission, the successor to the Healthcare Commission. Clinics should be inspected by their London borough. We are inspected by the Islington council.

We are centrally located in Angel, Islington

We are conveniently located in central London, close to Upper Street in Islington. The Angel Laser Clinic is just 8 minutes walk from Angel tube station and 10 minutes walk from Highbury and Islington station. 

We offer competitive prices

Our prices are very competitive with other clinics which offer a similar quality of laser although the Thunder laser that we have is the latest medical laser for hair removal and only very few clinic have this laser in the world.

Our treatments are safe and effective on all skin types

We can safely treat all skin types including Asian and Dark skin types.