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Recommended Laser Hair Removal

Most people contact The Angel Laser Clinic because they have unwanted hair on their faces, backs, legs, underarms, arms or bikini areas. Many come to the clinic following a recommendation…

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Microdermabrasion in London

Microdermabrasion   Our microdermabrasion at The Angel Laser Clinic is a facial treatment especially used to remove the top layer of dead skin cells and help to promote cell renewal. This…

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Red spots on the skin

Cherry Angiomas are small, round, bright red to purple papules that develop on the skin's surface. They are non-cancerous. The reasons for their development are not fully understood, but it…

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Laser hair removal and tanning

Tanned skin is not suitable for laser treatments People with tanned skin were traditionally advised not to have laser hair removal treatments because it could change their natural skin pigmentation. At…

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Revlite laser facial

Our latest laser facial combines the best laser technology with skin peels and LED light to provide the best results to your skin. Revlite Laser Skin Peels LED light RevLite…

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Cherry Angiomas

Have you noticed bright red clusters of tiny capillaries on your face, trunk area or somewhere else? Would you like to get rid of them? If yes, then we have…

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