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Dr Kishan has over 20 years of experience with injections

Kishan Raichura is doubly qualified as a Medical doctor and a Dental Surgeon. He has spent many years since working in Oral and Facial surgery across the UK.

He has been working with non-surgical treatments since 2003 and enjoys creating the most natural and rejuvenating results for all his patients. 

He is passionate about delivering anti-ageing treatments such as wrinkle relaxing and filler injections for the most natural and vibrant results. He keeps his practice in line with modern techniques to ensure he provides you with the best possible care.

“My name is Dr Kishan – I love my work in Aesthetic Dermatology, Precision Medicine with tailor made prescriptions, and Bio-Identical Hormone Optimisation.  Having spent many years working and training all over the UK in medical, surgical and dental fields, I progressed to this profession because I truly enjoy enhancing my patients’ attractive features externally, and take even greater pleasure in recommending solutions that improve internal health also.  With this multi-pronged approach and the advancements in the fields of cosmetic dermatology, it is possible to achieve impressive results in anti-ageing and preventative health with an inside-out approach.  Please feel free to look up some of the treatments that I can provide and, if you don’t find the answers you need please do get in touch for more information


Holistic approach to anti-ageing, well being, skin rejuvenation and aesthetic medicine. Preventative approach to health, vitality and Aesthetic enhancement. Dr Kishan can offer a wide range of treatments from external wrinkle reduction to hormonal balancing, all in a relaxing, soothing environment.

Treatments are only ever carried out by an experienced doctor; which means you are in the most capable hands possible. Most important of all, Dr Kishan is a gentle and friendly clinician who always aims to get the best results possible for you.

Initial consultation and bespoke treatment packages designed for your needs. Comprehensive consultations and tests to ensure that everyone can access excellent aesthetic care.

All of these treatments and prescription grade skincare are of the highest grade and purity, and subjected to rigorous testing and research.
Home visits, evening and weekend appointments can be arranged at an additional cost for your convenience.

Book your face-to face consultation

We book a skin consultation to discuss your perspective on treatment options, including the areas that you want to improve. So you get straight-forward advice and information before deciding upon a package that will give the best results for you. We have fully qualified doctors to discuss your medical background and allergies relevant to your treatment.  All out prices are based upon your individual cosmetic treatment needs so book an appointment now for a clinical consultation at The Angel Laser Clinic in London.


Price List

  • Initial consultation:


This is redeemable against treatment if the patient has a treatment within 3 months of the consultation.

  • Botox:

1 region: £295, 2 regions: £395, 3 regions: £495, 4 regions: £595

Specialist area – masseters/neck: £495

  • Dermal Filler:

1st syringe £595, each subsequent syringe placed in the same session £400.

  • Specialist dermal filler:

Under Eye/Tear Trough Filler, Nose Reshaping: £695.

  • Profhilo:

£445, additional syringe in same session £345

  • Skinboosters:

From £445 – to stimulate collagen/elastin and hydrate and plump the skin of the face, neck, decolletage, hands.

  • Radiesse (natural collagen stimulating filler):

£695, additional syringes placed in same session £595