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Mesotherapy (Mesolift for the face) is one of the most successful non-invasive techniques that delivers active ingredients to superficial tissues using microinjections, just below the epidermis, usually no deeper than millimetre. It is used to rejuvenate and improve skin condition, scalp and hair. It is also helpful in reversing signs of aging caused by external factors like pollution, sun exposure and stress. 

Mesotherapy is especially used a lot on the face, under eyes, neck, hands and decollate, on the areas most exposed and affected by the environment. It can be performed for general rejuvenation or just on specific areas of concern. 

This rejuvenation technique helps to improve wrinkles, restore hydration and radiance of the skin. It is also a great non surgical option to be used under the eyes. Although the quickest improvement seems to be seen on dry, dull skin and minor wrinkles it is also great for stimulating collagen and elastin production, improving blood microcirculation, skin quality and texture and helping with hair growth on scalp and eyebrows. Unlike fillers it doesn’t immediately increase volume and unlike botox it does not inactivate muscles.

Mesotherapy solutions used can be made to contain vitamins, amino acids, minerals, coenzymes, peptides, growth factors, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. Different combinations can be used for different effects. For completely natural version your own blood plasma can be used. For that, rather than using a man made product, what your own body produces and is dependent upon can be used: plasma serum. It’s naturally plentiful in growth factors, platelets, leukocytes, cytokinesis and adhesive proteins like fibrinogen. Instead of these active ingredients simply being transported around the body somehow diluted, they can be introduced in areas of concern in more concentrated form. For this, blood is withdrawn as for a blood test and placed in a centrifuge. For Platelet rich fibrin special vials are used, completely void of any additives, no coagulant is present, hence no possibility of any allergic reaction. Plasma serum obtained is microneedled or superficially injected using very small probes in the areas of concern.

Depending on the age, skin quality, concern area, life style, medication, generally 3-4 sessions 3-4 weeks apart are required initially for best results. Often a more dramatic impact is seen with multiple sessions. 

Consultation is required to discuss concerns and aims, assess the skin condition, explain the treatment and decide on the treatment plan. To get more information or to book a consultation please contact us 02076075111.