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Please contact us for more detailed information on our treatments and prices 0207 607 5111

* To get the 50% off package of 10 sessions payment must be upfront.

£ 29 / non refundable
  • Pay for a consultation and patch test with a laser practitioner. For safety we must patch test before any skin or laser treatment.
£ 50 / redeemable
Booking Deposit
  • We require a redeemable deposit when you book an appointment for any laser, skin treatment or a dermatology consultation.
£ 100 / redeemable
Laser Booking Deposit
  • We require a deposit for extra large or full body hair removal treatments that is redeemable towars your treatment.

Cancellation Policy: Should you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we kindly ask that you call us 48 hours before your appointment. Failure to give the full notice will result in the deposit being taken by the clinic.

New offer 50% off Laser Hair Removal Package of 10 sessions

The above are examples of popular combinations, for detailed prices call 0207 607 5111

Treatment Prices

Consultation with Dr Bryan McDonald: £250

Dermatology follow up: £250

Dermatology procedures at the hospital: £600 to £1000

Treatment Price per session

Revlite or Regenlite Facial
Revlite or Regenlite Facial + Peel + LED£197
Revlite body hair bleachingPrice per session
Small (e.g: upper arms)£132
Medium (e.g: full back)£252
Large (e.g: full back +upper arms)£312
XL (full back + full arms)£396
XXL (full back +full front + upper arms£448

Treatment Price
Venous lake£197
Cherry Angiomas£197
One session price: £197

EndyMed package of 3 sessions £786 now 25% 0ff!

EndyMed Eye treatment £197 PAYG or £450 Package of 3 sessions.

EndyMed Fractional Radiofrequency pay as you go £350

Lynton Erbium YAG Fractional Laser PAYG £370 or Package of 3 sessions £832 (£277)

ElectrolysisSingle sessionDiscount 25% off
Millia or skin tags£150

Laser Treatment:

Small area £170

Medium area: £197

We specialise in genital warts and treat all others types also except plantar warts (verrucas)

Before the laser treatment a letter of diagnosis from a GP or a Dermatologist is needed.

One session price: £197

£197 per session one session

£450 package of 3 sessions (£150 per sessions)

Normally £350 now 25% off 3 sessions so you pay £786 (£262 per session).

One area: £197

Two areas: £250

  • Initial consultation: £150 (This is redeemable against treatment if the patient has a treatment within 3 months of the consultation)
  • Botox: 1 region: £295, 2 regions: £395, 3 regions: £495, 4 regions: £595 Specialist area - masseters/neck: £495
  • Dermal Filler: 1st syringe £595, each subsequent syringe placed in the same session £400.
  • Specialist dermal filler Under Eye Filler, Nose Reshaping: £695.
  • Profhilo: £445, additional syringe in same session £345
  • Skinboosters; From £445 - to stimulate collagen/elastin and hydrate and plump the skin of the face, neck, decolletage, hands. 
  • Radiesse (natural collagen stimulating filler)£695, additional syringes placed in same session £595