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Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels work by removing the outer layers of the skin (epidermis) allowing new skin to grow. The purpose of a peel is to remove blemished, sun-damaged, freckled skin and replace it with younger, healthier skin.

At the Angel Laser Clinic we have the expertise of our clinic practitioners and registered nurses who specialise in chemical peels. The practitioner specially designs a unique peel for each individual depending on their skin concern. They are designed using a combination or the sole use of the following acids/peels:

Glycolic l  Salicylic  |  Lactic |  Kojic acid  |  Retinoic acid

We offer a thorough, detailed skin consultation to analyse your skin and discuss your desired outcome in order for the skin specialist to tailor make a chemical peel programme specific to you and your needs.

At The Angel Laser Clinic we use Dermaquest, Image and Obagi peels

Dermaquest and Image peels

Dermaquest and Image peels are suitable for all ages and skin types. They have been dermatologically researched.

Image is a chemical peel line with all natural ingredients, such as Aloe Vera, Papaya, Green Tea and Vitamin C. Image Skincare face peels effectively treat wrinkles, blemishes and hyper pigmentation. With Image peels we can take you from organic peeling to medical grade peeling.

The facial peels available in the I-Peel Line can be combined with the I-Enhancers, offering unmatched customization options. These chemical peels are for use by skin care professionals only.

Obagi Skin Care

Obagi is a clinical skin care line founded in 1988. The products are used by dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Obagi products are suited to all skin types. The Nu Derm system was the first obagi product on the market and it is designed to transform cellular functions in all layers of skin. The product combats all signs of aging, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and scarring. We recommend Obagi products to patients who have enough damage and that require a more advanced type of skin care. If you have a lot of sun damage, then we recommend Obagi. If you only have dry skin then we recommend Image skin care.

Chemical peels treat a full range of conditions which include:

  • Acne – reduces inflammation, decreasing bacteria and preventing new acne eruptions
  • Large Pores – reduces the size, look and appearance of large pores
  • Hyper-pigmentation – reduces and improves the look of darkened skin patches and blemishes
  • Fine Lines – smooths and softens lines and wrinkles
  • Sun Damage – reduces photo-ageing and sun-damaged skin
  • Blackheads – opens blocked pores, eliminating blackheads, white heads; smooths rough skin
  • Uneven Skin – lightens and brightens your skin revealing a more even coloured skin tone
  • For more information about our treatments in London contact us for a skin consultation with a practitioner.

Treatment Benefits

Reduce Pigmentation
Improves Skin Texture
Reduces Wrinkles
Healthy Looking Skin

Treatment Prices

£197 per session